Completed iOS UDID Registration’s Order

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for purchasing your iPwnStore subscription. We apologize if there were any delays with processing your order. Please follow the instructions below to install iPwnStore using Certificate & Provisioning files.

1. If you have not already, you must purchase our iPwnStore capable Bronze Plus or Gold packages from UDID Registrations here. Our $5.99 package only works with their Certificate & Provisioning packages.

2. Confirm your order is completed by making sure you received your confirmation email from them or with their order tracker.

3. In your confirmation email from UDID Registrations, “Download Certificate & Provisioning Files“ onto your computer. Alternatively, you can download your files from their order tracker. Once downloaded, extract the .zip file. After, open the contents of the zip file. We recommend you backup this folder.

4. Take note of the iPwnstore Certificate name in the tracker. This will be used later in the installation process.

* If you select the wrong certificate applications will not install!

5. Go here and sign up for an account. After signing up, login to iPwnStore. Within the dashboard, set your certificate to the correct one.

7. After choosing the certificate, you will be guided to enter your iDevice’s UDID. Enter the same UDID you entered with UDID Registrations and when you purchased the iPwnStore membership in this box.

8. After entering your iDevice’s UDID, you will be directed to upload the provisioning profile. Navigate to where Profile.mobileprovision is saved on your computer and select it. This will be in the zip file you downloaded earlier. Alternatively, you can upload the provisioning profile via your iDevice by using one of the supported uploading services. After, press submit.

9. If not already, login to the dashboard on your iDevice. Click “Install iPwnStore Now” to install the application.

10. After it is installed, login to iPwnStore using the credentials you created earlier.

11. Enjoy!


Jerry Leung

iPwnStore Developer

If you have any issues, please submit a ticket at our Help Desk!