Completed tvOS Order Instructions

Hello valued customer,

Thank you for purchasing iPwnStore. We apologize with any delays with processing your order. Please follow the instructions below to install the apps on your Apple Tv 4!.

Note if you select the wrong certificate the apps won’t install!!

1. Go to the tvOS desktop portal found here!

2. You will need to click register and fill all fields out.

3. You will receive a email to activate the username you just made.4. Once you have activated the username you can then login.

5. You now will be brought to a Let’s Get You Moving Page!

  • 6. You will need to select the Certificate “Your Certificate name is Yoshi!“.
7.One you have selected the right certificate for your device you are now ready to sign apps.
8.Signing apps is very easy with our system just find the app you want, and select Sign & Download IPA
9. After you have signed and downloaded the ipa you want. You will need to install it on your Apple TV 4 using iFunBox
10.To install apps open iFunBox and click the green Install App icon. Then locate the file you have downloaded for your Apple TV 4. Now select open.
11.Now that you have install the apps you have wanted hook your device back to your tv, and you are ready to have some fun!

Your subscription to iPwnStore will last for approximately 11-12 months.If you have any issues, please submit a ticket at our Help Desk!

Jerry Leung
iPwnStore Developer