What is IPwnStore?

IPwnStore is a codesign utility for unJailbroken devices. It lets you sign and install ipa files on your device.

Where do I get IPwnStore?

You can buy a 1 year membership from https://ipwnstore.me for just $10 per device.

Why does IPwnStore need my UDID, What is it, How do i get it?

IPwnStore uses your udid to register your device to a Apple Developer account. By doing this it lets us sign applications with the developer certificates so they will install on your device. Your udid is a unique number that identifies your device. You can get this from going to our udid tool that is safe, secure, and In-House. This is located at https://ipwnstore.me/udid if that does not work you can use this link to get your udid from iTunes.

I bought IPwnStore but have not got a activation email?

If it has been more then 48 hours since you have bought a IPwnStore membership, Then you should check your spam folders in your PayPal email or file a support ticket at https://ipwnstore.me/support.

I don’t know my login information, What do I do?

We at IPwnStore don’t make login information for you. So if you personally never made one then you need to make one from inside the IPwnStore app or from https://codesign.ipwnstore.me. If you have made one then you need to file a support ticket with the email that you used to make your username so the support team can retrieve your username. You can file a support ticket at https://ipwnstore.me/support 

What is my certificate?

A certificate code name is assigned to you when you receive your activation email. This will always be the distinct name of some type. This is also used for setting up the codesigning for your account. when you first make your account on https://codesign.ipwnstore.me and verified your login via email. You will be brought to a certificate page. This page lists certificates from newest to oldest. So if you just bought the membership you will need to hit continue because the newest certificate will be displayed in the drop menu. If you have a old membership you can go to IPwnStore Auto Tool. This will install a temporary profile on your device and scan your device for its udid and find you certificate name on our server. 

The IPwnStore app installed but other apps say “Can’t be installed at this time”?

This is most likely due to when it asked you to set your certificate after logging into the app you did not pick the proper certificate for your device. This can be changed by going into the setting of the IPwnStore app, then to Account Settings, now click Change Certificate. You can find your certificate name from the IPwnStore Auto Tool if you don’t know it.

I bought a new device can I transfer my account to the new device?

Sadly the answer is no, Once a udid is registered to a Apple developer account it can’t be changed for 1 year. Your device has a different udid then your older device so the new udid will need registered for the cost of $12.99.

I restored my device do i have to pay again?

No, once you have paid for IPwnStore the device with the udid that you sent in has 11-12 months of service on IPwnStore.